Allison Pease – PhD Candidate

I am currently a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University. Before joining MSU, I received my M.S from the University of Michigan (2020), working with Jie (Jackie) Li and my B.A from Augustana College (2018). I completed two summer internships during my undergraduate career at the geophysical lab, Carnegie Institution for Science and LDEO, Columbia University.

My research discipline is experimental mineralogy, geochemistry, and mineral physics. I am fascinated by deep Earth processes and simulate mantle and core conditions using diamond anvil cells and synchrotron facilities.

Research Interests

Inner core anisotropy
Lower mantle heterogeneities
Melting point of Fe-alloys


Liquidus Determination of the Fe-S and (Fe, Ni)-S Systems at 14 and 24 GPa: Implications for the Mercurian Core (Pease and Li, 2022)

High-pressure structure and bonding of AMg2Pn2 thermoelectrics (Calderon-Cueva et al., in prep)

Deformation of coexisting hcp-Fe and Fe-light element phases (Pease et al., in prep)